Smut Love Manga

Summary: The doctor examining her you-know-what is… a childhood friend of hers!? He spreads her legs wide open, and his fingers make their way deep inside… She can’t contain her voice…! She’s been bad with men ever since she was teased by a mean boy when she was a child, but now she’s finally about to go all the way with her boyfriend… or so she thought! The moment he looked between her legs, he decides to break up! Overcome with worry that there might be something wrong with her lady parts, Rin finds out about cosmetic surgery on female genitalia and off she goes. However, the doctor in charge of her is actually the childhood friend that caused her to be bad with men in the first place! It’s embarrassing to have her you-know-what that she’s so insecure about touched, but she soon loses control from feeling this kind of pleasure for the first time…

Click here to see chapter 1&2!

More chapters will be coming soon!!

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