Carrying the Sheikh’s Heir (Heirs to the Throne of Kyr II)

Harlequin Manga

Summary: Due to her sister’s infertility, Sheridan decides to undergo artificial insemination, but as a result of the hospital’s mistake, she is provided with the semen of a man who is not her brother-in-law. As it turns out, the semen belongs to Rashid, the King of Kyr. Though Sheridan finds him authoritarian, he is as handsome as any prince you might read about in The Arabian Nights. Sheridan frantically resists Rashid’s urgings that she should join him in Kyr, but then he makes an unimaginable move, sweeping Sheridan up off her feet and kissing her passionately. Sheridan suddenly finds herself lost in Kyr’s intense passion… What will she do next?

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