Stop The Thieves!!

Announcement!! A short notice from us!

This is your chance for those who wants to join our FB Group and BLOG! Remember, to be able to join the blog you must be in our FB Group!

To get a free invitations from us:

Please, don’t be greedy or be hesitate to tell us if you see someone stole our (RENTAL) Manga to upload in FB (Secret & Closed) Group or post on any other sites! FB and Websites are large we can’t see them. If we can’t stop thieves from stealing our (RENTAL) Manga we posted or shares in our BLOG, the BLOG might be shut down! (Rental) Manga are not free manga where you can find them online to read so we’re not tolerate since it came from our money! To prevent thieves for stealing and for us Admins to continued to share what we have, please let us know! Thanks for cooperation!

DO NOT MESSAGE US HERE! Please message our Facebook fan page!

NOTE! Your message must contain the FB Group name and the thief name to be able to get a free invitations to join our FB Group and blog! THANK YOU! 😉😘





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