Invitations Questions

Thank you everyone for your patience!! We’re grateful for your donations. As promised, here are the questions we’d prepared for you. Please answer all the questions below and you’ll get an invitation from us! Invitations are limited to 10 people only! 10 people only! Answer carefully!

Please, message your answer to our fb fan page not here!
1) Did you visit our blog?

2) What is your favorite manga?

3) What gender are you?

4) Do you play any games? If yes, please names:

5) Do you read Chinese Manhua?

6) What Manhua are you reading now?

7) Which Anime are you watching now?

8) What novel are you reading now?

9) Who is your favorite character?

10) How many fb groups have you joined?

11) How many fb groups banned you?

12) How old are you?

13) Where are you from?

14) Do you think we should visit your country?

15) Name your favorite food.

16) What is your favorite color?

17) Have you been to Japan?

18) How did you know about this blog?

19) What is your personality like?

20) Did you donation? How much?

Below questions are from the group. Please be aware and answer them.

21) Swear that you’ll never take any of (our) manga outside. (Site nor Group)

22) Are you a follower of MAOTOMESTUFFS? If so, what do you need to do to be in here? And did you do?

23) Are you able to read our rules once you get accepted in without us telling you to?
Thank you very much for your answers. This is a head up for you. Once we approved of your answers we’ll add you right away to the group. Make sure to check your notification and comply to the rules! If you do not see any notifications on your fb and notices from us that mean you’re not accepted; no matter if you were a donator. The reason should be your own answers to our questions above. So make sure you answer them carefully.

Thanks again,
-Team Admins


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