The Trouble with Trent!

Harlequin Manga

Summary: Having been raised by a jaded and cynical mother, secretary Alethia has managed to keep men at arm’s length her entire adult life. That is until one night when she’s approached at a party by a gorgeous man named Trent, who manages to coax Alethia into having dinner with him after a night of passionate dancing. Alethia comes home from their date only to have her older sister come running to her in tears. Her husband is facing charges for embezzling money from the company he works for, and it turns out that Trent is none other than the CEO of that very company. She pleads with Alethia to ask Trent to drop the charges. When Alethia informs Trent of the situation, he agrees on one condition—Alethia has to move in with him…

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