The Man Behind the Scars

Harlequin Manga

Summary: Crushed beneath enormous debt, Angel decides to risk it all by going to a party for the rich and famous to find a husband and turn her life around! If all goes well, she’ll finally be free. And during the party, who should approach her but Earl Rafe McFarland, ruggedly handsome, scarred and, of course, very rich. So Angel steels herself to do anything to get him to marry her—anything.

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The Landis Brothers IV – The Tycoon Takes a Wife

Harlequin Manga

Summary: Eloisa, working as a librarian, is taken aback when her ex-husband, Jonah, appears in front of her. They got married when she was studying abroad in Spain a year ago, but the next morning she ran away after realizing just what she’d done. Ignoring how agitated she is, Jonah tells her that their divorce was never finalized. Furthermore, he says he’ll be spending time with her until the divorce goes through, so that she doesn’t disappear as she did before. Hesitantly, she accepts his request, but there’s a secret she can’t reveal to him, no matter what…

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Desert Rogues – The Sheikh and the Princess Bride

Harlequin Manga

A story by New York Timesbestselling author becomes a comic!

Summary: Their love transcended the gulf between royalty and the common folk…but the prince is keeping a shocking secret! Billie, a top-notch flight instructor for aspiring fighter pilots, has a new student: Jefri, the prince of Bahania. He’s unlike any student she’s ever had before. He’s strong, he exudes refinement, his face is handsome and his eyes shine with intelligence. But where most of Billie’s students come to resent her after failing to meet her rigorous standards, Jefri is unfazed and becomes even more fascinated by her… When he pursues her, Billie tries to remind herself that a prince couldn’t possibly take an interest in a woman of her standing, yet she can’t help but fall for this man. Little does she know that Jefri and the king of Bahania are working together to stab her in the back!

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To Defy a Sheikh

Harlequin Manga

Summary: When Samarah was six years old, her father’s country, Jharrel, and the neighboring country, Khadra, were in conflict, and her father died as a result. Samarah and her mother escaped, but her mother died en route, leaving her daughter without parents. Sixteen years later, twenty-two-year-old Samarah sneaked into the Khadra palace, intending to kill Sheikh Ferran, but she was captured immediately. Unsure of what would happen next, she’s caught off guard by Ferran’s plan for her—he intends to introduce her to the world as his fiancée!

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Heirs to the Throne of Kyr I – Gambling with the Crown

Harlequin Manga

Summary: Upright and serious secretary Emily is always being confronted with her handsome boss’s woman troubles. Not only is Kadir a talented businessman who regularly travels around the world, he’s also the prince of a bountiful desert kingdom. And he has a prodigious talent for attracting women. One day, after Kadir receives an emergency message from his home country, he makes an outrageous request: he’ll pay Emily a huge sum if she pretends to be his horrible wife! Just what does he have planned?

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